What will I be entitled to?

Donoghue Solicitors Ltd. are expert actions against the police solicitors. We work hard to get you the maximum compensation for your claim.

You may also receive an apology and/ or confirmation that your personal data (e.g. fingerprints/ DNA/ photographs) has been destroyed.

If you are compensated, our solicitors use the following information to calculate your claim:

Basic damages

This is the initial amount awarded by the court to compensate you for your claim. It is designed to provide basic compensation for the loss and injury suffered. It varies in every case, as no two claims are the same.

Aggravated damages

Courts now compensate for injuries to feelings in actions against the police claim, if justified. Aggravated damages are awared at the court’s discretion in addition to basic damages in exceptional cases where the police have acted to aggravate matters by causing injury to feelings, for example, by using insulting, humiliating, degrading, distressing and/ or outraging the detained person. Awards exceed £1,397 for this.

Exemplary damages

To punish the police (or other body acting with police- like powers) for unconstitutional, arbitrary or oppressive behaviour, Courts can award an additional sum of at least £6,987.

Special damages

Identifiable losss, such as damage to clothing or personal possessions, or lost earnings due to injuries are payable at the appropriate amount.

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