How much will it cost?

Actions against the police solicitors must be paid for their work. However, if you instruct Donoghue Solicitors to pursue your claim, we can manage the costs as follows:

Funding your actions against the police claim

Before taking on your claim, our actions against the police solicitors will thoroughly investigate the funding options available to you.

Where appropriate, we take cases on a conditional fee (also known as a ‘no win, no fee’) basis, which means that you are not at financial risk in the event your claim is not successful*.

(*Subject to terms. See the no win no fee police claims page on our main website for more details, including the exceptions which apply.)

Sometimes charges are unavoidable. If we have no alternative but to charge you if you want to pursue your claim (for example, if we represent you as a “private client”, or to recover success fees and after the event insurance) we will explain this fully and keep you informed throughout.

We will discuss funding options and likely costs with you when we talk about your action against the police claim.

To get in touch please complete the enquiry form on the Donoghue Solicitors website or call 08000 124 425.