What actions against the police can I claim for?

Actions against the police claims are extensive and varied. People often claim for wrongful arrest or false imprisonment, but there are many more things that you may be entitled to claim for. We can help you if you want to pursue the following actions against the police:

- Assault and battery by the police
- Wrongful arrest/ unlawful arrest
- False imprisonment
- Malicious prosecution
- Misfeasance in public office
- Trespass to property or goods
- Police negligence
- Breach of Human Rights Act
- Judicial review
- Racial discrimination
- Unlawful stop and search

and, in the most unfortunate cases, death in custody.

Expert solicitors are waiting to carefully assess your actions against the police claim

Our solicitors are experts at pursuing these claims. They know what to claim for, and how to deal with the police and their procedures. If possible, they get the police to explain what happened, apologise, and confirm what lessons have been learned.

You should note, however, that police powers are extensive, so you may not be automatically entitled to compensation, even if you were acquitted at court.
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